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Direct approach is a linear process. Its optimization depends on method’s effectiveness as well as on the quality of the process applied to each stage of the search. Our main strengths are our capacities of investigation, of market analyses and of information.



  Evaluating client needs, goals definition and job requirements



In order to search for an appropriate solution and to present the project on realistic and attractive basis to the selected candidates, it is crucial that our consultants have an in depth knowledge of our clients’ projects, history, structure, activities and firm culture.



The job description presents the company’s general background, the various responsibilities and objectives of the job, the hierarchical and functional relationships within the firm, the wage package as well as educational background, foreign languages knowledge, main qualities and professional experience required to succeed in the position.



  Determining targeted enterprises


Identification of enterprises which might have potential candidates in their organization.



  Potential candidates identification 


A systematic investigation is done to identify interesting candidates. This in depth detective job goes through obtaining confidential information and recreating organization charts.




  Candidates approach     


Approche des candidats identifiés


The first contacts are made over the phone. Great confidentiality is used to avoid putting the candidate and our client in sensitive position in their environment. Contacts are made after regular working hours, usually between 6 to 9 pm.



In order to have a more precise knowledge of the experiences, professional achievements, competencies and potential of the candidates, our consultant first interviews on one to one the candidates in our office for a meticulous pre-selection.





  Candidates' presentation to the client


The selected candidates are called in (at a date already decided at the beginning of the search) for one hour interviews in the client’s office, one after the other to have better comparison capacities and maximum

selection. In tense markets, a candidate presentation can be processed one by one.





  Detailed references checking



The consultant contacts candidate’s references in order to confirm or invalidate some hypothesis.




  Mission report

 rapport de mission



 The report aggregates a conclusion and potential consequences of hiring different candidates.



 Therefore, we can post job ads and accomplish an in depth sourcing on specific profession and type of business.


These 2 tools can be used on client request or complete our investigations